Indiana Speeding Ticket

Did you get a speeding ticket in Indiana?

Indiana Speeding Ticket – What Are The Penalties?

There are certain things to note when being issued a speeding ticket. First thing is to check the speed limit indicated. It is perfectly fine to ask the officer questions but you should do it in a polite way to avoid further complications. Once you are issued the ticket you will be given a period of time for responding to it. Failure to do so may lead to license confiscation or having additional fines.

It is important to check if a court appearance is necessary. If it is, then do not pay the fines at once; wait for the court date. If it says you are released without bond, then that is the time you can pay the fines and is not needed to appear in court anymore. You need to verify first with the concerned county about the process of payment because it varies in every municipality.

Penalty Points for Speeding Ticket

In Indiana, the penalty points you have gained will be on your record for two years. The following are the corresponding points you will get for going over the legal speed limit:

1-15 mph : 2 points

16-25 mph : 4 points

Over 26 mph : 6 points

If you are found guilty of at least two traffic violations in a year, you will be required to take a Driver Safety Program. If ever you need to attend a class as such, you will be notified through mail by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles of Indiana. If you were not able to pay or to attend the said class your license can be suspended.

To avoid penalty points from being added to your driving record, you have an option to plead ‘not guilty’. This will require you to appear in the concerned court where you must give your defense. If you are lucky, your case can get dismissed by mere absence of the concerned officer. Such cases are not unheard of.