Indiana Speeding Ticket

Did you get a speeding ticket in Indiana?

Information on Indiana Speeding Ticket

The state of Indiana issues traffic tickets or citations for different traffic violations. If you received a citation for traffic violations or an Indiana speeding ticket for example then you must respond to that citation. You can either do this by paying the associated fine or appearing before a court. If you failed to do this, your driver’s license maybe suspended or worse you might just receive a warrant for your arrest.

If you’ve decided to pay the Indiana speeding ticket there are various ways to do this. At the back of your traffic citation you will see vital information indicating the deadlines of paying the ticket and the various ways to do it. In most cases, drivers are allowed to settle the fines within 15 days from the time they received the citation. If you failed to do this, there might be additional fines that you need to pay or your driver’s license might even be suspended.

Paying online is just one of the ways where you can pay your Indiana speeding ticket. There are some counties in Indiana that allows this option but to make sure it’s offered in your location, make sure to check with your municipality or county about this service.

Another ways is to making the payment by mail. You just need to check the back of your ticket for instructions, then check the box that says “guilty.” Afterwards, enclosed money order or check for the amount that you need to settle. Make sure that the money order or check that you will be sending is payable to the appropriate county clerk. Then, mail it to the address that is shown on your traffic ticket. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the citation for your own records.

In addition, paying in person can also be done. Just bring your Indiana speeding ticket to the appropriate county then pay it using money order, cash, or credit card. Unfortunately, personal checks are not allowed in most of Indiana counties.

Lastly, you can also pay through telephone using your credit card. Check with your local county first to see if this option is being offered.